Playing EVE Online is not for the weak of heart.

Playing EVE Online takes a dedication and resilience found in few other video games.

In a world of Battle Royale style, quick turnover games designed for short attention spans, EVE requires a depth of focus unmatched except by few other…

The industrial world in EVE is not well known to many players, but Tech 2 (T2)ships and materials are commonplace in New Eden due to the indyfolk.

Here is an explanation of how T2 items are created. We’ll go step by step through the byzantine process.

As an example, we’ll…

The pilots of New Eden are faced with many risks on a daily basis. Other capsuleers, pirates, mysterious wormholes and abyssal spaces, and other dangers lurk everywhere, but none are as dangerous as some of the maladies that can attack the unprepared pilot.

As a warning, here are the various…

A few people have asked how I plan & track my EVE Online industry work. Rather than a video, I thought a write up with pictures up would easier.

First, there is no one right way to do industry. Everyone is different and likes to see information in different ways…

tl;dr: Venture capitalists got their mind on their money and their money on their mind.

CCP was just bought by Pearl Abyss and it’s because the VC investors want their money out. It’s as simple as that.

When many companies start, they need cash to build until they generate revenue…

Dunk Dinkle

Logi Pilot, Disruptive Soundboarder, Drama Cyno Inhibitor

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