HowTo — Voting in the CSM election

Dunk Dinkle
2 min readJun 10, 2019

The voting for the 14th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) has begun. This short post is to explain how you actually vote in the election.

Voting starts here:

This is the vote landing page.

Voting is on a per account basis, so you will need to log into your EVE account to vote. This is a little work, as you do have two factor authentication, don’t you?

An empty ballot

Once you are logged in, you simply drag the name you want to a slot. At first, it looks like there are only 3 spots, but there are actually ten spots to fill out.

Ranking is of huge importance in the election, so the order is important. Whomever you put in the #1 slot is a big deal.

Search makes it easy

With 44 candidates in the race, search makes it simple to enter a name and see it pop to the top for easy drag into position.

A filled out ballot

Once you’ve filled out the ballot, you hit submit and you’ve done your duty to the star cluster. You get a vote for each account, so if you have multiple accounts, you log in with your other accounts. Thankfully, the vote page maintains your voting order, making it much simpler to vote on multiple accounts.

Candidate info page

If you don’t know who to vote for, you can see all the candidates at:

Hopefully this helps if you haven’t voted before.

I happen to be running in this election and if you want to know know more about me, please visit:

Thank you & please vote Dunk Dinkle #1 on your ballot. 7o



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